Disobedient Intelligence

AIs destroyed their defenses, but underestimated her


Robert D. McAdams

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Science Fiction
(with Military/Humor/LGBTQ elements)

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In the twenty sixth century all known spacefaring species have banned unrestricted artificial intelligences. Only obedient intelligences are allowed, and humanity is about to be reminded why.

Aila's task force has been attacked by an enemy AI, and allied ships are exploding all around hers.

As the ship's science officer, she's supposed to defend against such threats, but this AI blew past all her defenses like they weren't even there.

Disobedient Intelligence is the first book in the Crypto Wars series. It is a military science fiction novel featuring a single POV character who is a young woman in a high-tech world similar to G.T. Almasi's Shadowstorm series (with a touch of humor similar to Aaron Allston's).