Disobedient Intelligence

The price to stop the A.I. may be more than she's willing to pay—they're counting on that.

Cover for Disobedient Intelligence


Robert D. McAdams


YA Science Fiction
(with Military/Humor/LGBTQ elements)

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AILA SOLAS would do almost anything to stop the A.I. Accords which will legalize unrestricted A.I.s on Earth again, after they brought the world to its knees over a century ago. When a distress call from her best friend, HUAN, comes in for her at the UAA Naval Science Academy a few weeks before she graduates, Aila doesn't know what to do. Huan is a citizen of the ZPK. Aila's government, the UAA, has been fighting a cold war against the ZPK for almost a century. One of the professors at the Academy finds out about Huan's call for help. She urges Aila to help Huan while also undertaking a covert mission to gather evidence that could derail the A.I. Accords. Now, with people shooting at her, and a murderous A.I. hunting her, Aila must use her science and technology skills to find the truth and stop Earth from repeating a mistake that almost wiped humans off the planet a hundred years ago.

Disobedient Intelligence is my debut novel. It is a stand-alone story but could be continued as part of a series. It is YA science fiction novel featuring a single POV character who is a young woman in a high-tech world similar to Marie Lu's Warcross and Brandon Sanderson's Skyward. It is my hope and my wish that young women, such as those who I teach as a Girls Who Code Instructor, will read my story about Aila and get inspired to pursue the sciences like her.