About the Author

Robert D. McAdams was born in Montana and raised in California. He holds a degree in Computer Science and is a senior computer programmer for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and a Girls Who Code Instructor by day. By night he writes novels, plays guitar, and practices martial arts. He speaks English, Japanese and Spanish. He loves to travel to Japan to see his favorite Japanese rock bands in concert. If he isn't working or traveling to Japan, he is either in Canada skiing on Whistler Blackcomb, or up at Squaw Valley in California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

He has been writing stories since he was in high school, and plans to release his first full length novel (Disobedient Intelligence) soon. Robert is keenly interested in exploring topics of love on the battlefield, LGBTQ characters, women in leading roles (especially the sciences), and why Artificial Intelligence (AI) may not be the gift we think it is. All of his stories contain humor. Science fiction is great, and it's the genre he loves most, but he feels that every story needs humor.