The Crypto Wars Series

The series focuses on Aila Solas. When we meet her, she has recently graduated from the UAA Naval Academy and has landed a posting on the UAAS Fox, a Frigate-Class warship for the Alliance. Aila is a young woman who lacks experience, physical size and strength, but not much else. She's incredibly intelligent and resourceful, she can think on her feet, and she's brave. She doesn't trust AIs in any form, not even the OIs humanity uses. The series stays with Aila as the POV character, and we see the world through her eyes. She has no love interest at the start of the series, but that changes when she meets Taya Saitō (齋藤多弥), a female marine she is instantly attracted to. Aila's friends know she is attracted to women, she herself has no idea. Her friends think that's hilar-able.

Book One: Disobedient Intelligence

Status: about to start querying agents. I'm waiting on my proofing editor to send the final manuscript edits back to me, then I will start querying the agents who asked for it at the San Francisco Writers Conference.

The book has already been:

That feeling you're sensing ... that's the sensation of literary agents crying out into the darkness saying, "send me that!" (In my mind).

Book Two: [Title Undecided]

The next book in the series is planned for release about a year from the release of the first book. It has been fully plotted, and many of the scenes are now being written.

Book Three: [Title/Plotting Undecided]

The series is planned to be a trilogy, but it could be expanded or have sequel series, depending on how it is received. The end-state/goal for the series is planned. Most of the rest of the plotting is still up in the air right now.