The Unified American Alliance (UAA)

Aila Solas

Ethnicity: Scottish-Canadian

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Height: 5'5" (1.68m)

Service Branch: UAA Naval Space Force

Rank: Ensign

Posting: UAAS Fox

Call Sign: Bravo-4

Specialty: Science

Temperament: Mild

Intelligence: Extremely high

The new science officer aboard the UAAS Fox. She is fresh out of the Academy and she is eager to prove herself. She has red hair, isn't very serious, and likes to play with technology.

Darby Rogers

Ethnicity: African-Canadian

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Height: 6'0" (1.83m)

Service Branch: UAA Marines

Rank: Sergeant

Posting: UAAS Fox

Call Sign: Bravo-1

Specialty: Leadership

Temperament: Relaxed but stern


A Marine fireteam leader aboard the UAAS Fox. Serious when he has to be, but he likes to joke around. Of the three sergeants posted to the Fox he has seen the most combat.

Taya Saitō

Ethnicity: Japanese

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Height: 5'4" (1.65m)

Service Branch: UAA Marines

Rank: Sergeant

Posting: UAAS Fox

Call Sign: Bravo-3

Specialty: Combat tactics & medic

Temperament: Short tempered and snarky

Intelligence: High

Another fireteam leader of the Marines posted to the UAAS Fox. She's an accomplished field medic, an excellent fighter and leader. She has a dark sense of humor, and is not afraid to punch someone who annoys her. She will sometimes cut loose with her friends, but rarely.

Alexander Kowalski

Ethnicity: Eastern European/Jewish

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8" (1.77m)

Service Branch: UAA Marines

Rank: Corporal

Posting: UAAS Fox

Call Sign: Bravo-2

Specialty: Hand-to-hand fighting, demolitions

Temperament: Easy-going and silly

Intelligence: Medium-high

He is never serious unless he absolutely has to be. Will crack jokes about almost anything.

Captain Elaine Billings

Commanding officer of the UAAS Fox. She is middle aged and battle hardened. She is the granddaughter of a UAA hero.

Lieutenant Commander Dereck Hollins

Weapons officer on the UAAS Fox. He is cool under fire, already ready for a fight and his crewmates find him rather humorless.

Commander Thomas White

The Executive Officer (XO) of the UAAS Fox. He is generally well liked among the crew, but has a reputation of being less than brave in battle.

Ensign Carlos Rivera

Helmsman for the UAAS Fox. Young, like Aila, although he graduated from the Academy six months earlier than her. Extremely cocky when it comes to piloting, and likes to play jokes on new officers.

Lieutenant Staci Garcia

Communications officer on the UAAS Fox. A few years older than Aila, but no more mature. Likes to study languages and figure out puzzles.

Ensign Jacalyn (Jaci) Lacelle

Sensors bridge officer on the UAAS Fox. About a year older than Aila. Of French ancestry, likes quiet things like listening to music. Overly trusting sometimes.

Chief Engineer Michael Sanders

Senior engineer aboard the UAAS Fox and department head for all engineering staff.

Major Beckett Harris

Commanding officer of the Marines aboard the UAAS Fox. In general the Marines only answer to the commanding officer of the ship, and only on matters of warfare. However, Harris has a good working relationship with Billings, and most of their decisions are mutual.

Lieutenant Charles Wesson

Executive officer of the Marines aboard the UAAS Fox. Unlike Harris, most of the Marines, and all of the Navy crew don't like him. Widely thought of as an asshole. Nobody can question his loyalty to the UAA or his effectiveness in battle though.

2067: The United States is reeling from the loss of forces in Japan and South Korea, and losing their war with the South American Federation, the citizens of the United States start openly talking about secession over the war. Texas secedes the following month, with the rest of the Southern States following in short order. California also secedes, as does Utah and Nevada, the United States government falls shortly after that as Senators and Congress reps flee Washington D.C. back to their home states. Japanese and Korean refuges flee to Canada. Asian & Russian-Americans also flee to Canada. With the U.S. military involved with the war with the SAF, there are no forces left to bring the rogue states back into the union or to restore general order. National Guard forces are barely able to maintain order in their own states. The union of states dissolves soon after that, with various territories declaring themselves their own countries. Canada tries to keep the peace at first, then closes its borders after several border states stage raids for resources.

2068: Canada annexes Washington, then Oregon as protectorates after those states strike a bargain for resources. The former Southern US states are facing a crisis of people out of work due to disrupted trade, food shortages, and violence in the streets. Organizers of the secession are rounded up and lynched. The former Southern States stage raids on the Mid-Western states, trying to secure a food supply. The Mid-Western states petition the California-Nevada-Utah territory for aid, and get it — California sends National Guard soldiers to help defend the borders between the Mid-West and Southern states. The Southern states sue for peace the following month, and ask Canada for protection. Canada annexes the Southern states.

2102: The rest of the former United States are absorbed into Canada in short order after that, some peacefully, some less peacefully. Most of the states are allowed to keep their state names and just become new provinces of Canada, a couple of the smaller ones are grouped together into single territories though, such as the 13 original colonies now just being called New England.

2103: The war between former US forces and the remnants of the SAF ends.

2109: Founding of the Unified American Alliance (UAA) consisting of what was left of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, major parts of South America, and Japan.

2122: The UAA makes peace with the remaining SAF forces, those South American powers join the Alliance. The ZPK is still in a cold war with the UAA, and the two powers frequently fight.