The Zhongguo Россия конфедерация (ZPK)


Ethnicity: Chinese

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Height: 5'2" (1.57m)

Service Branch: None

Rank: None

Posting: None

Call Sign: Gǔ (鹘)

Specialty: Quantum Computers & Artificial Intelligence

Temperament: Short-tempered

Intelligence: Extremely high

An unlikely friend of Aila Solas. They both like each other, but neither can ever fully trust the other. Huan has one and only one goal, to free her people from the rule of the Russians.


Ethnicity: Russian

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Height: 5'6" (1.68m)

Service Branch: ZPK Intelligence

Rank: Specialist

Posting: St. Petersburg Bureau of Intelligence

Call Sign: Velikan (великан)

Specialty: ZPK Intelligence Services, Codes, and Military Logistics

Temperament: Timid

Intelligence: Average

He was drafted into the ZPK military against his will. Strongly disapproves of how the Chinese people are treated by the Russian ruling class. He has a crush on Huan, and would do anything for her.

2067: The EU forces, while smaller in number, out class and out-maneuver the poorly equipped Russian forces, and not only drive them back, but push them out of recently occupied territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and begin pushing their forces back to Moscow, determined to put an end to the war before it really gets going. Russian leadership strikes a deal with China to become a protectorate of China, if China will aid them in the war. China enters the war against the EU, on Russia's side, the next week.

2109: Open warfare between the EU and what used to be the United States ends in a stalemate.

2110: Russia offers a formal alliance with China during the aftermath of the war to form the Zhongguo Россия конфедерация (Chinese Russian Confederacy (ZPK)). China eagerly accepts, as the war had been brutal to China and they had been facing a famine. The Russian offer of friendship and mutual protection for China ends up being a Trojan horse.

2111: The Russia-China agreement is swiftly altered multiple times over the years that follow, each time forcing China to give up more of its rights and independence. When it becomes clear to China that the Russians aren't their friends after all, it is too late. China tries to pull out of the pact and ends up fighting a series of bloody battles against an entrenched ally-turned-enemy. Russia anticipated the move, and has been ready for the eventual resistance, and puts it down mercilessly.

2112: China sends desperate pleas for assistance to the remaining major powers of the world, including the newly formed Unified American Alliance. The UAA sends a peace envoy to try to defuse the situation, but Russia meets the envoy over the Pacific Ocean and orders it to turn around or they will declare war. The UAA, still licking its wounds from the last war, reluctantly agrees. China is absorbed into Russia, as second class citizens. They are treated only slightly better than slaves, and only military service guarantees them any sort of a job.

2122: The ZPK remains in a cold war with the UAA, and the two powers frequently fight.