Artificial Intelligences

Artificial Intelligences (AIs) are widely blamed by Humanity for goading the major world powers into Earth's Third World War. AIs are similarly blamed in the histories of other space-faring species Humanity has encountered. As such, unrestricted AIs are illegal in all civilized (and uncivilized) space controlled by Humanity and any species it has formal relationships with. The only legal form of an artificial intelligence is known as an Obedient Intelligence.

Obedient Intelligences (OIs)

An OI is the most common form of artificial intelligence found in the Milky Way galaxy where Humans have traveled. An OI comes standard in all personal communications devices, and it can handle everything from messaging to tasks such as piloting a vehicle, and theorizing answers to problems. OIs, by law, are forbidden from being connected to any sort of a weapon, and are required to be limited to a specific set of tasks and operations, in order to guarantee safety. Military OIs have no such restrictions on them, except the prohibition against connecting them to the weapons.

Ship Intelligences (SIs)

An SI serves the role of an intelligent operating system. SIs are found in all military vehicles larger than a shuttle, and they run the operations of the ship, including coordinating the weapons systems, the propulsion, life support, and the computer system itself. By law, the SI is incapable of acting without human input. A human can set the auto-pilot function, but the ship itself cannot make the decision to do that. A human can select a target and fire the weapons, and the SI will carry out the command, but it has no capacity for deciding to engage in combat or carrying out such actions on its own. Humanity has learned to never trust artificial intelligences, of any type, after they goaded them into the Third World War.

On-board Intelligence (OBIs)

The baby brother of an SI. A ship's OBI is mostly just a glorified auto-pilot and navigational unit. An OBI doesn't compare in usefulness to a full OI. It can do diagnostics and assist with repairs in an emergency, try to reroute important functions around damaged systems, and pilot the ship when directed to by the human pilot.


Throughout Humanity's past, many things have been called artificial intelligence, but no Human has ever managed to build a true AI. A true AI would require a computer structure that would act just like a real mind (a singularity). The computational power to do so is widely available, but creating an artificial mind which truly does learn and think for itself is currently still beyond Humanity's grasp. It's been theorized that only Quantum Computing could solve the problem of creating a true AI. Humans have succeeded at creating AI programs which, if left unrestricted, can learn almost anything and do almost anything that their programming structure permits. They are not the same thing as a true-AI.