2045: Botswana conquers Namibia, then Zimbabwe, then Mozambique, South Africa & Madagascar in short order. Tanzania conquers Rwanda, then Congo, then Angola, then Zambia, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia Uganda, Sudan in short order.

2047: Lower Africa unifies as the African Federation ("Shirikisho la Afrika"(SLF)) under combined control of Botswana & Tanzanian territories.

2048: Civil war breaks out in Muslim-controlled lands, triggered by African unification in Lower Africa. Starts in Egypt, spreads to Libya, then Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, in short order. Afghanistan & Pakistan are drawn in next, followed by India — which wasn't even Muslim.

2049: Middle East collapses into total war, nuclear weapons are used against old enemies. Netherlands tries to send aid and mediate — their peace envoys are killed and brutalized. All surrounding powers seal borders, and threaten war of annihilation if they cross their borders. Russia takes advantage of the distraction to re-conquer Ukraine, then Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania. Followed by: Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, & Uzbekistan as they reclaim territory from the former USSR that they have maintained animosity about losing in the 1980s. EU condemns Russia's actions, and reinforces its borders. China says nothing, but also builds up it forces on its borders. The United States condemns Russia, and sends large forces to South Korea and Japan as a show of force.

2050: ISS disbanded and allowed to fall to Earth

2051: China invades and conquers North Korea; South Korea and United States allies warn of war if China goes below 38th parallel

2052: China invades and conquers Laos, then Thailand, then Vietnam. Japan and South Korea grow increasingly nervous, many citizens flee and seek refuge in United States.

2053: First permanent settlement on Moon by Russia in a surprise move, they claim it is a civilian base, but it is widely suspected to be a military base with nuclear missile launch capabilities. United States militarizes NASA program, sparing no expense, and recruiting millions of people to work on it, making it a national priority.

2055: China joins Russia on the Moon (on the other side), United States launches major space station to defend against China & Russia on the Moon.

2056: Chile conquers Peru then Argentina; Brazil conquers Venezuela then Colombia.

2057: South America unifies as the South American Federation (SAF) under joint control of Chile and Brazilian territories. Begin space-race program of their own, while militarizing their countries, and people. SAF also strikes a formal mutual non-aggression pact with African Federation.

2058: SAF tries to seize Panama canal, but are repulsed by United States after several weeks of bloody fighting. The canal is damaged, and both sides line up across their borders with Panama, building up arms.

2059: European Union declares themselves neutral territory, cancels all mutual protection treaties with foreign powers. United States and United Kingdom relationship is broken. The United States mutual protection treaty cancelation as a great betrayal.

2060: Cold war begins in earnest between United States, the SAF, and Russia & China. Tremendous amounts of spying, black ops, sabotage, and other covert means of warfare are carried out.

2066: A United States Naval submarine task force guarding the Panama Canal (on the Pacific side), encounter an enormous surprise SAF Naval strike force trying to take the canal. Both sides engage, most of the United States subs are sunk, as are most of the SAF navy, however, during the battle a nuclear weapon was launched against the Panama canal — both sides disclaim responsibility for it, and blame malfunctioning computers. Regardless, Panama is now gone, as is the canal. The United States annexes Mexico as the 51st state, and invites Central America to join it as the 52nd state (with the implied threat that if they don't accept, they will be conquered anyway) — they accept. Open warfare breaks out between United States and the SAF shortly after that. During the confusion, China invades South Korea and Japan in lightning strikes, wiping out the forces the United States had stationed there. Several Naval task forces in the area respond and engage the Chinese forces shortly thereafter. The President of the United States is killed in a suicide bombing by a SAF loyalist, putting the much more war-happy Vice President in command of the US forces. All-out war breaks out between the United States and China, and the SAF. As this is happening, Russia invades Finland, Poland and Germany in their own lightning strikes. Commanders of all of the forces claim they didn't order the strikes and blame their computers for giving them bad or misleading data. The EU forces respond in force, and open warfare begins between the EU and Russia — World War 3 has begun.

2066: The United States disconnects all AI controls from all of its weapons when it realizes the AI assistants are deliberately misleading commanders in the field to stage events as the AIs think they should happen. The AIs are discovered to be trying to influence decisions, instead of dispassionately executing their assigned tasks. The US calls for all allies and even enemies to also disconnect their AIs from their weapons, before a nuclear disaster occurs. All major powers heed the call.

2067-2122:The Unified American Alliance (UAA) and the Zhongguo Россия конфедерация (Chinese Russian Confederacy (ZPK)) are born from the ashes of several former world powers.

2164: First permanent settlement on Mars by UAA

2223: Discovery of mathematics needed to break the rules laid out by Einstein's theory of relativity, without actually breaking them.

2365: Creation of successful first Faster-Than-Light (FTL) drive by Japan's Yamada Engines Limited.

2466: New space race, EU sets up neutral trading space stations, does not engage directly in the space race.

2480: First contact, Insa

2495: First contact, Callidun

2501: Expansion into space, uneasy truce, renewed cold-war, with occasional hot flashes, bitterness and long memories of WW3 along with continual fighting between the UAA and the ZPK.