Introducing Saito Taya's Character Art (From My Novel Disobedient Intelligence)

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article image for Introducing Saito Tayas Character Art (From My Novel Disobedient Intelligence)

Sergeant Saitō Taya is one of the three Marines in my novel, DISOBEDIENT INTELLIGENCE, who is keeping my main character, Aila Solas, alive. I'm writing her name in the Japanese traditional format of LastName FirstName, instead of the Western format of FirstName LastName (although I do list it in the Western format on "About The UAA" page, because that is meant to be a unified military roster type of screen.

I commissioned Fiona Jayde to do character art for my main character plus the three main supporting characters in the novel. I did that because of the advice I received from the San Francisco Writers Conference to make my author website "more visual." I know I don't get to pick the official cover art or character art for the novel since I am seeking a traditional publishing contract. I am putting up the character art simply to make the website more visual (and because it's fun).

Saitō is also Aila's love interest in the story. That will be a more important plot point in book two. In book one, Aila has no idea she likes women (her friends do, they find it hilarious that she doesn't). Saitō is strong and smart and a natural leader. She is also an accomplished field medic. She works well with Aila who is also smart, but on a more intellectual level -- and she lacks the natural leadership ability and strength.

Next character I'll be showing will be Sargent Darby Rogers. He is one of the two Marines assigned to protect Aila on the bridge when their ship is boarded.

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